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Family-Owned Garlic Farming

Big Elk Garlic Farm has 2 different kinds of seed garlic on our family farm grown next to the east branch of the Big Elk Creek in Southern Chester County, Pennsylvania. We provide quality garlic at a reasonable price to customers across the country, and look forward to sharing our seeds with you. We also have table garlic, which features smaller bulbs that are not suitable for planting. The larger bulbs are seed quality and can be planted in any garden.

Garlic Seed Varieties

Big Elk Garlic Farm has 2 different varieties of seed garlic for sale nationwide. Our seed garlic varieties include the following types while quanitites last:

German White
Tall growing, porcelain variety, very easy to grow. Great choice for beginning growers.

Zemo Porcelain
Originally from Republic of Georgia, can take cold winters and will get large, very pungent and delicious.

Seed Garlic Pricing

Our high-quality and proven seed types do well in all conditions. We are planning for the prices to be as follows:

• 1-10 Lbs. ($10/Lb.)
• 11-20 Lbs. ($9/Lb.)
• 20 Lbs. & Up Call for Pricing


Zemo Porcelain

German White

Our Garlic Demographic

Our next harvest is around August, so we will know the availability and how much we can sell at that time. We are looking to sell to the following:

• Other Small Produce Farmers
• Market Gardeners
• Homeowners Who Want a Garden
• People Who Like to Cook
• Restaurant Owners
• Chefs
• Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) Operators